Leesa Benenhaley, RN, FNP-CNurse Practitioner

: Petaluma : English, Intermediate Spanish: University of California at San Francisco (UCSF): Master of Science in Nursing: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

    Leesa Benenhaley is passionate about health care with special focus on risk reduction, non-pharmacologic approaches to chronic conditions and improving health disparities.  A licensed nurse practitioner and public health nurse, Leesa completed residency in a variety of settings, including community clinics, urgent care clinics and teen clinics. She enjoys traveling abroad on health missions to identify strategies that will improve access to quality health services for the local community. Leesa received her education at the University of California at San Francisco and specializes in caring for patients with diabetes. In her free time, Leesa enjoys art, music, nature, farming, social justice and making connections in her community.