Wellness Groups & Services

At the Petaluma Health Center, we take the whole person approach to keeping you healthy. We believe that each person’s health is a unique journey. Through collaborative and sustainable partnerships between patients and  practitioners of alternative and traditional medicine, we strive to provide a holistic, integrative model of care to the community.

Please ask you provider about our Wellness Groups & Services. We encourage and support you to take control of your health & wellness.

Below is a sample of some of the groups we offer for support & education. Join us!

Diabetes Prevention & Management
PLAY for Parents and Children
Anxiety & Depression
Liver Health
Smoking Cessation
Addiction Recovery Program: Living in Balance
Be At Ease
Taking Control of Your Health
Pain Empowerment
Fall Prevention
Smart Start

For a complete listing of Wellness Groups + Classes for November 2018, please click the link below:

Wellness Cal_Nov 2018 _PHC. eng
Wellness Cal _Nov 2018 _ PHC. spn

Wellness Cal_ Nov 2018 _ RPHC. eng
Wellness Cal_ Nov 2018_ RPHC.spn