Petaluma Health Center Scores at Top 1% of Health Centers in the Nation.


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Petaluma, CA, October 10, 2016 – Petaluma Health Center and Rohnert Park Health Center scored among the 1% of over 1,600 community health centers in the nation. The mission of Petaluma Health Center and Rohnert Park Health Center is to ensure that all people in Southern and Central Sonoma County have access to high quality health care services.

Petaluma Health Center underwent an operational site visit, a federal review process conducted by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to assess the health center’s clinical operations, administrative, and financial management processes. The operational site visit goal is to ensure access to comprehensive primary health care services for our community members, especially underserved populations.

Following a comprehensive evaluation of Petaluma Health Center’s services and clinical, fiscal and administrative policies, procedures and protocols, a team of three highly experienced federal reviewers concluded that the health center met all of the 19 Health Center Program federal requirements. The perfect score is no small feat, as only 1 percent of the 1,600 federally qualified health centers (FQHC’s) achieve 100 percent compliance.

Among one of the key highlighted achievements was Petaluma Health Center’s active patient engagement and participation in program development and improvement. HRSA reviewers noted that Petaluma Health Center has strong patient presence across the organization’s decision-making entities, such as the Patient and Family Council Advisors and the Board of Directors, which is mainly comprised of current health center patients.

HRSA reviewers commended Petaluma Health Center’s commitment to its core values, particularly excellence and innovation, citing PHC as one of the most “data-driven organizations” they have audited. The HRSA reviewers were dazzled by PHC’s proactive quality improvement and quality assurance efforts to promote preventive health screenings and improve chronic disease management, and they noted that such endeavors are worthy of recognitions, such as the health center’s recent Center for Disease Control’s Million Hearts Award. Petaluma Health Center’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence is actively reducing health disparities and improving community health outcomes.

Lastly, the federal reviewers were impressed with PHC’s empowering Board of Director’s, whom have advised our senior leadership towards successfully building capacity to expand access to high-quality, prevention-focused health care. As exhibited by continued and controlled growth, it is evident that Petaluma Health Center has sound administrative, fiscal, and clinical operations management systems. PHC’s innovative organizational culture has attracted dedicated, friendly senior management staff, healthcare providers and clinical support staff of the highest caliber. The HRSA OSV team commended our wholehearted commitment to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone in our community, especially for our most vulnerable populations, such as those experiencing chronic homelessness, children in the foster care system, individuals with disabilities, and agricultural/seasonal farmworkers.

Petaluma Health Center’s leadership and staff organization remains committed to the provision of innovative, high quality health care services with access to all, without regard to ability to pay. PHC’s recent achievement in ranking among the top 1% of federally qualified health centers in the country serves as an ample source motivation to maintain excellence at the forefront of all our endeavors.

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The Petaluma Health Center’s mission is to provide high quality health care with access for all in Southern Sonoma County.

The Center accomplishes this mission through collaborative, innovative programs, services and referral resources to meet the economic needs of the entire community.

We are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides primary medical care and mental health services to residents of Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Penngrove and the surrounding areas.  We are organized as a private, non profit corporation and governed by a consumer and community led Board of Directors.