Your Health Care Team

Welcome to Petaluma Health Center’s “Health Care Team” approach. Here is info we would like you to know.

What is my “Health Care Team?”

Your Primary Health Care Provider (PCP), Nurse, Medical Assistant, Behavioral Health Provider, and Referrals Specialist are members of your team.

Our Goal:

To provide you the highest quality, affordable, and coordinated services you need, when you need them, with excellent customer service.

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP):

Will help encourage you to lead a healthy life, and diagnose and treat any health issues.

Your Nurse:

Will give you a timely advice about urgent and ongoing health concerns between Medical visits.

Your Medical Assistant:

Will help you fill out forms, get test results, establish health goals, and assist your providers understand your needs.

Your Behavioral Health Provider:

Will help you with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, and other behavioral health concerns.