Elder Depression Care Team

The goal of the Elder Depression Care Team is to help older adults (65 years and older) alleviate symptoms of depression through a caring treatment approach.

As a patient in the Elder Depression Care Team program you will receive individualized care through a partnership between all members of the Care Team – primary care provider, clinic care manager, home-visiting care manager, behavioral health clinician, and psychiatric consultant. The members of the Care Team work in close collaboration with you and with one another to provide the best possible support to treat your symptoms of depression.

The Care Team provides:
• Coordination of communication between all members of your Care Team
• Initial and ongoing assessment of symptoms of depression
• Education about depression
• Medication prescription and management
• Psychiatric consultation as needed
• A self-management treatment approach
• Problem Solving Therapy and other counseling approaches
• Referrals to services as needed and monitoring of service delivery

The Patient:
• Participates in identifying service needs and developing a plan to meet those needs
• Partners with the Care Team to promote well-being and decrease symptoms of depression
• Communicates with the Care Manager about any problems or concerns as they arise

Contact us:
Vicki Rivera, LCSW, Clinic Care Manager
Diane Camurat, MA, Home Visiting Care Manager

The Elder Depression Care Team is a partnership between Petaluma Health Center and the Sonoma County Human Services Department, Adult and Aging Division.

Who: Are you 65 or older? Do you have problems getting a good night’s rest or sleep too much? Are there days or weeks when you don’t leave home? Are you not eating or are you overeating? Do you feel lonely or isolated? Have you experienced a recent loss? Are you often feeling tired or low energy?

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