Taking Control of Your Health

This class series is designed to give you the tools necessary to live your life to the fullest despite having a chronic disease. Each class will include a topic discussion, as well as movement and relaxation exercises. Some techniques we have used in the past: Chi Gong, Biofeedback, Meditation, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques, Gentle Physical Exercise, Supplements and Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Sleep Hygiene, Pacing, Communication Skills,. The list is too long!

You owe it to yourself to learn all the skills to help you minimize your symptoms and maximize your functioning!

Who: Any Petaluma Health Center adult patient with a chronic disease or condition (such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, heart disease or other).

When: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays from 1:30pm– 3:30pm

Fees: This class is a shared medical visit and many insurance providers will cover the cost of the class.

To Register: Call the Wellness Coordinator (707) 559-7580